Common Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Window Well Drains

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Window well drains come in handy for homeowners who live in an area that's prone to flooding. Pooling water in a window well can cause water damage. If you want to install a drainage system in your window well, but you don't know what mistakes to avoid, here are a few you should consider.

Using a Shallow Sump

For some applications, a sump works well for collecting water; however, if your window well sump is too shallow to handle the water that runs into it, it will overflow. There will be no place for the water to go except your basement floor.

Building Sumps Without Waterproofing

If you have foundations that are not waterproofed or whose joints are more prone to leak, it would be a mistake to build a sump in a window well near your leaky foundation. You should instead install a drain that will move water away from the foundation.

Installing a Drain Pipe Too Close to Your Foundation

A window well drain is often the best way to keep water in your window well from flooding into your basement; however, if the pipe ends too close to your foundation, water that drains from your window well could pool and leak through your foundation.