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Unless your clients are a part of that small percentage of the population whose vernacular for describing wine could fill a dictionary, then they probably don't need a wine cellar. But a wine rack is a definite necessity in any kitchen. As opposed to a wine cellar, it does not have to be a large financial investment; rather, it is an aesthetic one. Your clients do not need an insatiable thirst for the bottle to appreciate how wonderfully decorative this item can be. A wine rack can give an element of sophistication to any space.

The aesthetic purpose of a wine rack is often valued over its functional one, and for good reason. Though they keep the bottles tilted so the cork doesn't dry out and spoil the wine, the racks alone are decorative pieces, which complement the aesthetics of the entire kitchen.

There are many different styles of wine racks to suit all tastes and budgets. This is one item that comes in a great many shapes and sizes. Defining the available space in your client's kitchen is very important in finding the proper rack. Some racks sit on the counter while others are so large that they could occupy an entire corner of the room. Choose from racks in which the bottles stand upright or lie parallel to the floor; other racks hide the bottles behind cabinets or doors.

It is important to take into consideration the style of the kitchen. Is it Modern, French Country, Traditional, Gothic, or Quaker? There are just as many racks to fit each of these aesthetic looks.

Now, where do you look for wine racks? While the obvious answer may be a wine store, it is not the correct one. Be creative and visit antique stores, flea markets, small boutiques, culinary stores, and also chain stores. At an antique store, your client may need to shell out more money, but she or he will likely find a one-of-a-kind piece and something that will last a lifetime.

Above is a great piece that consolidates the bottles and the glasses and will even provide that much needed counter space. The basic metal frame and wood counter will work in kitchens of many different styles. It will attract attention and praise because it is attractive and tasteful. Also, it is understated and so it will be at home in an array of different settings.

Similarly, pieces made entirely of wood can be very attractive and discrete. While the wine rack above suits a casual aesthetic, these are more formal, making them suitable to a dining room. Though there may be hundreds of dollars worth of wine lying in a wooden rack, the piece itself does not advertise its price and so it is sophisticated and elegant.

Now, for kitchens that merely have room for a rack that sits on the counter, there are also many possibilities. Whether your client likes the curvaceous or angular racks like these shown to the right, both are pieces of artwork by themselves. Remember that it's important to not place these close to the stove or areas where the temperature greatly fluctuates. It's also a good idea to keep the rack out of direct sunlight.

What ties all of our little things together is that they add to the decor and also come in a variety of styles, for which everyone can find something that makes them happy. Wine racks are a perfect gift, but more than that they are a way to open up the decorating possibilities. Introduce your clients to the importance of furnishing their kitchen with attractive pieces as opposed to objects that only serve one function. This can really pull the space together and create an area that draws people together and acts as a gathering place.

Reprinted with permission from the Sheffield School of Design

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