Winter Care Tips for Rose Trees Winter Care Tips for Rose Trees

Rose trees are a special type of rose that is grown on a long stem so that they look like little trees. It starts off as a graft from a root of the rose plant that is then attached to the long stem so they grow into each other forming a rose tree. This type of rose needs some special care during the cold winter months. Here is a list of tips to help you keep your rose trees alive and well through the winter:

Place a Soil Mound around the Plant

One method that will help to keep your rose trees alive and well in winter is to put a pile of dirt or mulching material around the base of the plant. You can use dirt, compost, mulched leaves, etc. to put in a pile up against the bottom of the plant. Make sure whatever materials you use aren’t too wet, as the mound needs to be moist, but not wet, or your rose will die.

Put Chicken Wire over Your Rose Trees

Another good way to protect your roses is to place a ring of chicken wire or other material around it. The inside of this wire is then filled with loose dirt. Be sure to leave the top of the rose trees sticking out of the dirt. This method protects your plant from wind and snow damage.

Wrap Burlap Bags around Rose Trees

A variation of the above method of protection is to gently wrap burlap sacks around your roses and attach them with string or twine. Be sure to do this carefully so you don't break the stems of your roses. This keeps the plants warm, thus keeping them alive when the temperatures drop.

Black Plastic Bags

A similar method that also keeps the roses warm in winter months is to wrap the stems in black plastic bags. The dark bags will both keep out the wind and snow and keep the plants warm. Black absorbs heat, so this is why it helps to keep the roses warm. You can use regular black trash bags, or there are also special gardening bags made for this purpose.

Stop Fertilizing

You shouldn’t fertilize your roses starting at about six weeks before winter starts. This needs to be done before the first frost. The reason why you stop using fertilizer is that it could make your flowers grow longer and be too active when it’s better for them to be dormant during the winter cold.

Let the Roses go to Seed

When winter months are here, you should not cut off the flowers on your roses. You should instead let the flowers whither and go to seed naturally. This lets the flower slow down and be in a more dormant state of growth. If a plant is in a dormant state of growth, then it is less likely to use up the stored energy that it needs to survive through the winter.

These are ways to keep your roses safe in the wintertime. Just follow the above methods and you will have beautiful rose trees in the spring.

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