Winter Ground Cover That Improves Soil In Spring

You can use certain winter ground cover to improve your soil for spring use, by planting special plants during the winter. You can cultivate and plow them in the spring and have healthier soil in which to plant your spring garden. If you do it right, you can also harvest from the winter plants before using them to improve the soil for your spring garden. It will also save on the need for a large amount of compost. This also means that you will have to maintain these plants throughout the winter in order to see this project through.

Alfalfa and Soybeans are a favorite among many gardeners. Both improve the quality of soil by preventing erosion and add nitrogen to the soil. These two plants will directly improve soil for your spring crops. When it is time to cultivate your garden, you can just cut these plants into the soil when preparing the soil.
Alfalfa – Choose seeds from your local nursery and plant as soon as the soils is ready. You must keep the soil well irrigates and keep an eye out for insects that dine on this nutritious plant. The days to maturity are between 35 and 60 days depending on condition and care. When you are ready to cultivate your soil for your spring garden, simply plow the ground with the plants still inside.

Soybeans – Soybeans need a lot of sun, so you will need to place these in a spot that gets a lot of sunshine. The soil will need to stay moist and insects checked on regular basis. You will cultivate the soil for your spring garden in the same manner as the alfalfa. Simply plow the ground while the plant is still in it.
How it Helps

Planting these plants in the winter will directly improve your garden in the spring the natural way. You may also be able to harvest from these plants before cultivating the soil for spring. Doing this will have served two purposes. You will feed yourself as well as your soil. Organic is really the fashion lately, as it is healthier should you be eating veggies grown organically. Growing your own food is an excellent way to make sure the items you are putting in your mouth are one hundred percent organic.
There are many other species you can plant to improve soil for the spring garden, you will have to research the varieties that are right for you. Some varieties require a lot of maintenance while others require little. In any case a trip to the local nursery can be very educational. You can ask questions and learn more tips and tricks from the staff.
Improving Soil
Improving your soil by planting soil improving plants is a very “green” method when it comes to gardening. You could also use compost to improve your soil, but this method will save you a horrible stench and a churning belly. Compost can also draw in more pests than using this method.