Winter Wedding Table Decorations to Make Yourself Winter Wedding Table Decorations to Make Yourself

Making your own wedding table decorations always adds that extra personal touch to your special day. It also cuts back on spending over your fixed budget, as most of these items mentioned can be bought from a craft store.  Here are some ideas on how to get the ball rolling, then it’s all up to your imagination on how far you go!

Personalized Glasses

At some weddings, the bride and groom choose to personalize each and every one of the guests’ water and wine glasses. This can be very costly, but can also act as the souvenir in some cases. The drawback to this is that all the glasses have to be bought by the bride and groom, rather than just be used and returned. Glasses can be personalized with the guest’s name, as well as the name of the bride and groom on the opposite side, with the date written underneath. This can be written with glass painting products that can be purchased from a craft store.


If there is someone in your family that is good at embroidery and stitching, why not ask them to add some color to plain napkins?  Although simple, this adds that extra burst of color at the dining table at a wedding, Since this would be a winter wedding, why not reflect a special winter theme in this embroidery, be it Christmas, Valentine etc.? Work done by hand is much more appreciated than the items typically bought from your local shops. Every napkin will be unique in its own way.


The same goes for the tablecloth. Adding some extra stitches to form a pattern or the name of the bride and groom stitched at the head of the table, adds that extra touch. You can also add some scattered seasonal flower petals or shiny confetti, giving the wedding hall a festive feel.


Nowadays, everyone seems to be going for the more contemporary weddings, where flowers are handmade by the family of the bride and groom – where everyone lends a helping hand in the organization of the wedding. Making your own flowers can cut back drastically on wedding costs. You can make them out of paper, silk or even wire.

Name Cards

At weddings, it is conventional for every guest to have a name card placed on the table, an indication that they all have to sit where designated. Why not turn the name card into a small souvenir in its own right?  Use high-grade textured paper and handwrite each card personally. You can also create simple wire stands for each card for better display. Don’t forget to include the name of the bride and groom and the date on the other side.

It may all seem like too much when the days start counting down and the big day is getting closer and closer, but with some extra planning and preparation beforehand, it will all be worthwhile. Now just enjoy your day and take pleasure in seeing the looks on your guests’ faces.

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