Winter Gardening Guide Winter Gardening Guide

If you are a gardener, winter does not have to be a time for hibernation. Even though most flowers won't bloom in the cold winter months, especially if you live in the far north, there are still plenty of options for growing a winter garden of sorts. Now there is no need to go stir crazy while waiting for spring to come.

Grow a vegetable garden:

While not all vegetables are suited for cold weather (tomatoes for example), there are some hardy vegetables that thrive in cooler weather and can withstand temperatures down to 25°F. The following crops will keep your winter garden blooming with treats you can eat once mature: salad greens, cabbage, broccoli, peas, asparagus, and kale are all good choices. You can improve the success rate of this winter garden by adding a wall around the vegetables so they will be shielded from the wind.

Start a greenhouse:

This type of winter garden is perfect for growing seedlings that you plan to plant in the spring. Greenhouses do not have to be massive, you can find them in almost any size to suit any needs. Having a greenhouse will allow you to have a colorful garden in your backyard all winter that can easily be transplanted into the ground by spring.

Plants that do well in the winter:

If you are looking to add color and warmth to your winter garden then go with trees and shrubs. You can use fern bushes that offer a beautiful cool green color year round and also have colorful red berries in the winter. Any type of fern or evergreen tree will do well and look beautiful in a winter garden.

Start planning your spring garden:

If you are still looking for things to plant and tend to in the winter months then it may be a good idea to start planning your spring garden now. Order as many gardening magazines and catalogs as you can get your hands on and starting planning out and ordering the seeds for your spring garden next to a crackling fire. The better you plan your garden during this time, the easier your spring planting will become.

You do not have to spend several months out of the year wishing it were spring again. These tips will keep you busy all winter working on your winter garden.

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