Wire Mesh Fencing Installation Guide

What You'll Need
Wire snips
Metal or wood fence posts
Wood screws
Metal ties and drill with metal installation drill bit
Wire mesh

Wire mesh fencing can serve many purposes. It’s most commonly seen in gardens and yards to keep unwanted critters from getting into your garden and destroying it. Installing a wire mesh fence isn’t hard and requires very few materials. Here’s what you need to know about installing your own mesh fence.

Consider the Uses

If you are installing a fence to keep deer out of a garden, remember that deer can and will jump pretty high to reach a food source. A fence of about 8 feet high is enough to prevent deer from jumping. If you are installing the fence to protect a garden or yard from small critters or pets, you won’t need to go to this extreme. In these cases the fence doesn’t usually have to be more than 4 or 5 feet high.

The size of the mesh itself will need to depend on the purpose of the fence. Keeping large animals out will mean you can use a mesh that is large. Smaller critters will require a smaller mesh. The smaller mesh will usually be stronger too.

Digging Post Holes

You will want to dig holes that are 6 inches wide by 12 inches deep every 8 feet around the area you are placing the fence. You will want to stake out the perimeter before you purchase your materials so you will know just how many posts you will need. The type of mesh you are using will determine the type of posts that need to be used. You will be able to choose between metal post stakes or wood posts. A wood post will be easier to fix later, but may rot in the elements. A metal post will last longer but can be harder to get the fencing on.

You will want to secure the posts in place using concrete that is quick setting.

Section out the Mesh

It will be much easier for you to work with the fencing material if you section it out. Cut the fencing to fit between several of the posts. You won’t have to cut sections if you have someone helping you. But smaller pieces are still easier to work with than an entire roll of mesh.

Securing the Fencing

As you work on installing the fence around the perimeter you will want to make sure the mesh sections are even along the top and bottom. Once you know the material is even you can secure the fencing to the posts. If you are using wood posts, just use wood screws at the top, bottom, and middle of the fencing. Metal posts will require more work. You will need to use special ties and a drill bit specifically for metal installations.

A mesh fence can be a great solution for many different applications. In most cases you can have the fence installed in a weekend depending on the size of the perimeter.