Wired vs Wireless Garage Door Keypad Wired vs Wireless Garage Door Keypad

A wireless garage door keypad is a good idea if you are installing the electrical garage door into an existing house. There are pros and cons to each type of installation. Consider the following to decide whether a wireless or wired garage door opener is right for you.

Wired Garage Door Keypad

If you are in the process of building a new house, the wired garage keypad makes far more sense as you are in the position of being able to install it and hide the wires from view. The wired keypad system is considerably cheaper than a wireless garage door keypad. The constant updating of technology is unlikely to affect this type as much as it is to its counterpart.

Wireless Garage Door Keypad

This option might appeal to you if you already have your house built and are only now installing automated garage doors. Although you will still have to do some wire connecting to the control panel, large quantities of unsightly wiring will not be a problem.

There are some drawbacks to this system, however. Wireless technology is a constantly changing thing. New innovations come along every day, which meants that when it is time for a spare part for your new pride and joy, it may no longer be available. You are then left with no choice but to replace the whole system.

Also as the system is wireless, it runs on batteries. You must regularly check them to make sure that they are working at full capacity.

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