Wireless Alarm System

A wireless alarm system such as GE's Choice Alert system or the LYNXR wireless systems from Ademco is a cable-free alternative to a hardwired system. Designed with a particular zone capacity, different wireless alarm systems allow for more or less monitoring around a home and its perimeter. Installation is much less complicated with a wireless system, for no circuit has to be run from the central control panel to every entry point in a home. Wireless systems rely instead on transmitters to send signals from monitoring points to the control panel.

Wireless Alarm Components

Included with every wireless system is a main control panel which typically is built with a keypad for programming and a siren for sounding the alarm. Basic sets also include one or more transmitters, a motion detector designed to be immune to large pet movement and a rechargeable battery. Some systems include a wireless transmitter for a keychain and a transformer for X10 compatibility.


Features differ between products, but all wireless systems are able to support a number of monitoring zones, typically from 20 to 40. A single programmed hardwire zone is usually a feature of the control panel. Also commonly included are a two-way voice system, viewable event log, voice prompt programming and with some systems Internet alarm signaling support.