Wireless Door Alarm

Similar to a window sensor, a wireless door alarm mounts in two places to a door as well as on its frame. When armed, a magnetic seal is created between the two parts. Should the door be opened while the alarm system is armed, a signal is instantly sent to the control panel which sounds the alarm, alerting the occupants of the house and, if a security service is used, the proper authorities. Not all wireless door alarms are a component of a larger system. Self-contained door alarms can be installed that emit a harsh tone when the contact point is broken.

Wireless Door Alarm Application

Self-contained wireless door alarms feature the door sensor as well as a wireless receiver. Often used on gates surrounding pools, when a door is opened a tone sounds both at the site as well as inside a home. Home security door alarms are equipped with an internal siren to emit a scream at the door itself.

Product Features

Wireless door alarms typically are powered by a 9-volt or a long-life lithium battery, include all hardware and are suitable for almost any door or gate. Some units feature a delay button to allow pass through, while others can be disarmed during the day. Security door alarms feature a tamper-resistant case and may offer surplus ports for additional wired monitoring zones.