Wireless Electric Fences vs Wired Fences

If you want to use an electric fence to keep your dog in the yard, you have a choice between a wireless electric fence or a wired electric fence. Each offers advantages and disadvantages. Before deciding on a wireless electric fence, you need to weigh the pros and cons of each for your own particular circumstances. There are a number of factors that could influence you.

Wireless Electric Fence

A wireless electric fence is very simply to install. All you need is an electrical outlet. When you plug in the transmitter, it creates a radius in your yard where your dog can run and play. The receiver is in the collar that you put on your dog. You don’t need to dig a trench into the ground or wire up the transmitter. Instead, everything is set up in a matter of minutes, and if your dog tries to go beyond the invisible fence, it receives a very mild and completely harmless electric shock.

You’ll find that your pet will quickly learn where he can and can’t go. It’s a training aid that also helps keep you dog safe. You don’t need to ruin your garden by digging it up. The downside is that it doesn’t keep other animals from coming into your yard; it will only work on the dog wearing the receiver. Another dog could still come in and start a fight with your dog.

The other negative is the price. A wireless electric fence isn’t cheap, although it’s certainly cheaper than putting up a fence all around your yard. You won’t have complete control over which area is available in the wireless electric fence. This means part of it could extend into your neighbors' yard, which won’t endear you to them! If the dog manages to lose the collar, a replacement will cost you over $100.

Wired Fence

An underground wired electric fence gives you total control over where you dog can go in the yard. However, in order to have this, you will need to dig the trench and bury the wire. Thus, there’s quite a lot of work involved in setting it up. However, there will be no danger of the area available to your dog extending into areas where he shouldn’t go.

A wired fence is a great deal cheaper than a wireless electric fence and can often be found at about half the price. For people on a budget, that can be a great advantage even with all the installation work that’s involved. Much like wireless electric fences, a wired fence won’t keep other dogs out of your yard as it requires a receiver collar in order to be effective. Only a real fence will keep other dogs out.

If you value simplicity, a wired electric fence will not be the ideal choice for you. Not only do you have to dig a trench and lay the wire, but you also need to connect up the transmitter. If your dog loses the receiver collar, replacements are cheaper than for wireless electric fence systems.