Wireless Home Security Alarm

Featuring an initial zone capacity that can include up to 40 monitoring points, a wireless home security alarm system is likely expandable. However many entry points and other areas of a home need securing, a wireless alarm is the fastest way to accomplish the task. Capable of supporting up to 96 zones, wireless home security alarms from manufacturers such as DSC, Honeywell Ademco and GE provide security solutions for homes of all sizes. For a cost of $100 to $500, put in place a basic wireless alarm system. Should expansion be necessary, adding modules is fast, easy and affordable.

Wireless Home Security

The installation of a wireless home security alarm involves no running of cables and more importantly, no home retrofitting. Using a radio frequency to send signals between satellite components and the control panel, wireless home security systems are quick to set up. The control panel is the main component, containing the keypad, audible siren, dialer and speakerphone and/or 2-way voice system if included. Other primary components include a power transformer, transmitter(s), wireless motion detector and a backup battery.


In addition to the variable initial and maximum zone capacity, wireless home security alarm systems may feature a built-in voice dialer and be compatible with X10 devices. Wireless home alarms allow for multiple user codes and may include a viewable event log for record keeping purposes.