Wireless Motion Sensor Alarm

Designed to accurately distinguish between human movement and that of pets and other moving objects, a wireless motion sensor alarm is most commonly a component in a larger system. Install a wireless motion sensor alarm on the outside of your home adjacent to a driveway, entry door or porch to secure an area from any potential intruders. As opposed to a motion light which illuminates the area when motion is detected, a motion sensing alarm triggers the security system which activates the siren, alerting residents and/or a central monitoring station of the intrusion.

Wireless Motion Sensor Alarm Specifications

Wireless motion sensor alarms are designed to work with a particular system such as a GE, Security Man or Honeywell Ademco setup. A satellite component, wireless motion sensors differ with regards to detection radius, transmission range and motion interpretation. Most are powered by a 9-volt battery which should be checked periodically.


Advanced wireless motion sensors such as Honeywell Ademco's 5897-35 unit feature incredible false alarm immunity, allowing them to distinguish properly between human movement and that of a bird, for example. Dual-element, passive infrared microwaves are a commonly used detection method. Optional lenses are sometimes included to limit the arc of detection. In addition, the sensor case is tamper-resistant to ensure continued operation.