Wireless Security Alarm

Rather than potentially run hundreds of feet of cable or more throughout your home or other property, a wireless security alarm enables you to monitor a variable number of zones through the transmission and reception of radio signals. Wireless security alarm systems are produced by brands such as GE, Honeywell Ademco and Visonic. A basic wireless kit costs between $100 and $350, but with expansion modules this price will increase.

Basic and Expansion System

To start, a wireless security alarm system will feature a control panel which often includes a built-in siren, dialer, 2-way voice system and keypad. The other components of a wireless system include a wireless motion detector, wireless door or window transmitter, transformer and a battery pack. Wireless alarms have an initial zone capacity ranging from 4 to 40. You can expand most systems up to 96 zones depending on the number of monitoring points your home or property requires.

Alarm System Features

While every alarm system differs in terms of features, many are compatible for use with multiple X10 devices, providing for system control of lights and appliances. A built-in voice dialer may be included, quickly alerting a central monitoring station of a system breach. Other optional features include ethernet compatibility, multiple partitions and a menu-driven interface for relatively easy system programming.