Wireless Smoke Alarm

A wireless smoke alarm produced by Kidde, First Alert and other manufacturers is a reliable device installed in homes and businesses everywhere. Instead of relying upon the internal wiring of a structure for its power, wireless smoke alarms are battery powered, ensuring they continue to work even during a power outage. Wireless smoke alarm batteries should often be checked, but with available 10-year batteries you can be sure of long-lasting functionality.

Wireless Smoke Alarm Options

When selecting a wireless smoke alarm, consider both standalone and interconnected varieties. Standalone wireless smoke alarms operate independently of a structure's main power supply as well as of other smoke alarms. Interconnected wireless smoke alarms, by contrast, send a radio signal to other similar units installed in a house or building. The result is that, should one detect smoke or heat, all alarms will sound.

Alarm Features

Since wireless smoke alarms are battery powered, no new wiring is required, saving both time and money. Most units feature a one-touch button with multiple functions. Push the button to silence the alarm after a test, after a false alarm or to quiet the low-volume yet persistent chirp that a smoke alarm with a low battery will make. Interconnected or otherwise, a wireless smoke alarm is the best way to quickly be alerted to the presence of smoke or fire in a home or business.