Wireless Window Alarm

Whether an independent fixture or a component of a greater home security system, a wireless window alarm is a trigger that mounts to an openable window. When activated, the trigger is armed to respond to any break in the magnetic seal between the 2 points of the alarm. Some wireless window alarms are fully self-contained, possessing an activation switch and an internal siren that sounds when the contact point is broken. Satellite components of larger wireless systems rely upon a radio signal to sound the alarm.

Larger System Components

Wireless window alarms are optional components designed for use with a home security alarm. Instead of an internal siren, these devices send a signal to the control panel wirelessly over a radio frequency. The control panel almost instantly processes the information and triggers the whole-house alarm. Wireless window alarms are typically installed at every entry point around a house.

Independent Window Alarms

As an alternative to installing a full wireless home security system, using independent wireless window alarms is a more affordable way to deter intruders. Many of these units emit a piercing tone of 90 dBA or more when the magnetic seal is broken, immediately alerting occupants of the house while scaring off any would-be burglar. Wireless window alarms are available from numerous brands, usually priced at $25 or less.