WMF Cooker

Makers of fine kitchenware products, the WMF cooker selection includes a wide assortment of high-end pressure cookers that come in a variety of sizes. A safer, easier, healthier way to prepare foods, WMF cookers can also be used to can or preserve foods for storage. Sold individually or in sets, WMF cookers feature 3 collections: Perfect, Perfect Plus and Perfect Ultra. Costing up to $250, it's a small price to pay for such a high-end piece of cookware.

Pressure Cooker Sizes

WMF produces pressure cookers in an assortment of sizes, ideal for singles, small and larger families. Size options include 2.5-, 3-, 4.5-, 6.5- and 8.5-liter models. 2-piece sets are available, each featuring a different combination of WMF components. Limited only by their size, use WMF cookers for virtually any stovetop cooking application.


All WMF cookers feature a stylish 18/10 stainless steel finish, brightly polished and sleek. Suitable for all types of ranges including induction, a WMF cooker may quickly become the vessel of choice when preparing foods. Using a pressure cooker can reduce cook times by up to 70 percent and cut energy use by as much as 50 percent, making it the true green alternative. Flavors and aromas are retained, while food stays nutrient-rich rather than losing it all in the water.


Pressure cookers aren't just for canning and preserving. Make soups and stews with ease. Fry or braise meat, steam vegetables or use the cooker to defrost frozen foods before cooking. Other uses for the pressure cooker are possible as well. Thanks to its clean stainless steel design, cleanup goes fast. WMF cookers include standard safety features in their design including pressure release valve and cover lock. All in all, using a WMF cooker is a safe, effective way to prepare foods, locking in the flavors, vitamins and minerals in the process.