Wood Bowl Turning: 4 Design Ideas Wood Bowl Turning: 4 Design Ideas

The art of wood bowl turning can be used to turn pieces of timber into beautiful and functional designs. 

Idea 1 - Green Wood

Use green wood to create natural looking bowls. Many people find that green wood is less hard-wearing on their tools and has the added advantage of not needing to be dried out. Soak the wood in a bucket of water before turning and you will find the wood soft and malleable.

Idea 2 - Layering Colors

Layer colors into your wood bowl using an air compressor with an airbrush attached. Using this technique when you are turning will enable you to layer stunning colors into the natural grooves of your bowl. 

Idea 3 - Creating Textures

Create a rough texture on the outside of your bowl. Attach a mini arbotech to an angle grinder and use this to cross-cut the coves of the wood. This will give a modern and unusual texture to your bowl. 

Idea 4 - Creating a Smooth Finish

Treat your wood bowl to make a beautiful smooth finish. You can do this using the common blow torch. By scorching the outer layers of the bowl you will form a hard protective surface. Make sure you wear welder’s gloves to protect your hands. When the wood has cooled use a stiff brush to remove any loose material. This will give your wood bowl a glossy sheen.

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