Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts for Energy Efficiency

Your living space can be completely transformed with wood burning fireplace inserts.  Installed directly into your existing traditional brick fireplace, these heating units are efficient, easy to maintain and safe to use.  Cut down on your heating bills and enjoy the unmistakable ambiance of a wood burning fire.

Why Update?

Traditional open faced wood burning fireplaces are often charming, but not built for efficiency.  Much of the heat produced from the flames is lost up the chimney.  And with less than ideal airflow the fuel is not burned completely, causing an excess of smoke and soot.

By installing wood burning fireplace inserts, homeowners can take advantage of the beauty and design their existing fireplaces provide, while updating to a more technologically advanced product. 

What Makes Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts More Efficient?

An enclosed firebox designed with proper ventilation will provide the perfect recipe for a fire.  Air will flow in at the optimum rate, warmth will be evenly distributed into the room with fans and through radiant heat and the fuel will be burned with much fewer emissions.

Gone are the days of smoky homes and soot covered walls.  A fireplace insert will complete your living space with a beautiful focal point while keeping the mess, soot and smoke in the chimney.

Which Is the Right Type To Buy?

You’ll need to have a fireplace technician visit your home to inspect the existing conditions.  Not only are the firebox measurements important, but the size and shape of your chimney will determine which make and model suit.

All of the major hearth manufacturers carry wood burning fireplace inserts.  They come in a wide variety of styles from sleek and modern to traditional and elaborate.  Many have a selection of faces that will help you to customize their products to suit your decor and tastes.

How Are They Installed?

Wood burning fireplace inserts are installed directly into your existing hearth and come in either flush mount or hearth mount installation.  

Flush mount means that the glass door of the insert will be flush with the front of your current fireplace.  Hearth mount models will rest on the stone ledge, stuck out from the front of your existing fireplace a little.  These models often provide more radiant heat because of the extended surface.

What Are the Key Features to Look For?

Be sure to shop for wood burning fireplace inserts that are powerful enough for your needs.  Calculate the square footage of your home or living space and ask the hearth retailers to recommend models that can handle that size.

Look for unique materials that add beauty and efficiency.  New fireplace insert models incorporate soapstone, a natural product that is extremely durable at high temperatures.  It also holds in the heat of the flames and slowly releases it over time, extending the warmth long after the logs have burnt out.  

Self cleaning glass doors are another must-have feature on your fireplace insert.  This special air wash glass system will give you a much better view of your fire and deliver almost the same effect as an open faced fireplace.

Wood burning fireplace inserts are a wise upgrade to your existing fireplace.  Be more efficient, save money on fuel and create fewer emissions with these beautiful alternative heat products.