Wood Burning Pool Heater Systems

Wood burning pool heater systems are a modern way of heating pools without the need of gas, oil of electricity. Despite the concept may remind the 19th century, it is actually quite a novel way of heating.


Being wood a renewable form of energy, and low cost also, wood burning pool heater systems are being installed in many homes and commercial buildings nowadays.


They can be installed outdoors, placed inside a shed to protect them. 

Automated Feeding Devices

Some wood burning pool heater systems offer automated feeding devices, which means more security and comfort for the user. You can also feed wood into them through an iron compartment that delivers radiant heat, especially effective to heat water for daily use.

Increasing Efficiency

To make them more effective, engineers have come up with various forms of fuel, like wood pellet fuel, which consist of compressed sawdust which can be carried conveniently and burn homogeneously. Also, wood chip fuel can be produced from timber products of low value, that when processed can be a very effective source of heating at a very low price.