Wood Burning Stove Hearth Construction Tips

A wood burning stove can be a very cost effective way to heat your home. Before you construct your wood burning stove’s hearth, there are a few tips that will save you time and money, as you must follow certain safety precautions and requirements to have a safe stove in your home.

The hearth provides a non-combustible surface directly under the stove, using a low conductivity material such as cement backer board at least a ½ inch thick. This will provide both spark and ember protection and prevent heat from being conducted over time to the floor material.

Measure the Space
A woodburning stove must sit 36 inches from the wall according to the National Fire Protection Association. So before you begin, determine an area, generally about 4 feet out and 5 feet wide that will house the stove and give you enough room to store wood and fire tools around the stove.

Consider a Raised Hearth
Many stove owners prefer a raised hearth to make it easier to load the stove and view the fire. This can easily be built into your hearth by simply constructing a frame using 2x4s nailed together in the same size as your finished hearth pad.

Constructing a wood burning stove hearth is a great do-it-yourself project that is a necessary component to your woodburning stove. Be sure to follow all construction recommendations, as this is an important element to avoid fires with your stove.