Wood Canopy Bed Repair: How to Fix a Broken Post

What You'll Need
Broken bed post
Wood glue
Wood filler
Paint or stain
Sander or sanding paper

Wood canopy beds add a sense of style to any bedroom. For children, especially young girls, canopy beds are often one of the chosen beds because they make the young girls feel like a princess. Sometimes with wear or because of an accident, the wood post becomes broken or damaged. Instead of replacing the bedposts altogether, there are a few simple techniques and steps you can follow to repair the broken post. It will come out just like new.

Step 1 - Remove Post from Frame

Remove the post from the bed frame so that can work on it. You are going to need another temporary post to hold up the canopy bed frame while you work on the broken piece. You can either use a 2x4 cut to size or a metal frame. Wedge the 2x4 or the metal frame underneath the top of the canopy bed, on the side where you will remove the post. Lay the two broken sections of the post on your working surface. Make sure the working surface is clean and free from any debris. Make sure it is protected. Add a drop cloth or a sheet to protect scratching, dirt and damage.

Step 2 - Sand Down Broken Pieces

Begin by sanding down the broken edges with a sander. Make sure both broken spots are as smooth as possible. Wipe off any excess sawdust.

Step 3 - Glue Pieces

Put the broken pieces together and glue them using wood glue. Hold the pieces firmly in place for a few minutes. Allow the pieces to dry in place for at least 24 hours until a bond has formed. At this point, you will notice that your post will be shorter than the rest of the other three posts. You will need to extend the height of the post by attaching another piece of wood to the end of the post.

First, measure how much you will be short. Then cut a piece of wood to size. Last, attach the wood section with wood glue. Secure in place with wood screws. Remember, fill the holes with wood filler and gently sand with a piece of sanding paper until smooth.

Step 4 - Attach Brackets

Since the post of your canopy is responsible for supporting the fabric and some weight of the canopy bed, you will need to make sure it is as strong as possible.  On the back part of the post, the part that doesn't show to anyone walking into your bedroom, add a small bracket. The bracket will extend from one of the broken sections to the other section.

Step 5 - Add Nails

For additional strength, add a few nails at an angle. The nails will go from one piece to the other piece. It will add additional strength.

Step 6 - Add Wood Filler and Sand

To hide the nail holes you have just made, add some wood filler. Apply as much wood filler as you can to fully hide all of the little indents of the nails. Do not be afraid to apply too much because you will sand it down in the next step. Once the wood filler is completely dry, take out your sander or sanding paper and once again smooth the surfaces.

Step 7 - Stain and Paint Your Wood Post

Now, as a finishing touch, sand and paint your wood post to match the other posts of your canopy bed. You may want to apply two coats to completely hide all of your patch work.

Step 8 - Re-Attach Canopy Post

Re-attach the canopy post to the bed and put back the fabric and the other pieces of your canopy bed. Step away and take a look at your handy work. Your canopy bed will look just like new.