Wood Entry Door Refinishing: Tips for Sanding the Door

A wood entry door is long lasting and very reliable these doors can be refinished and sanded to change the look of them. Over time the weather can take its toll on the appearance of your door which is why you must find out about these tips to help when sanding the door.

Abrasive Blocks

Instead of just using sand paper you can use abrasive blocks which can be cut into the right shape. These will help to get into all the tight spots in your door when you are sanding and refinishing. Abrasive blocks are available from most home hardware stores and are a useful alternative to sand paper.

Electric Sander

For the large areas of your door you should consider using an electric sander. Electric sanders will make sanding down your doors much easier because it will work much quicker.

Removing Hardware

Before sanding the door you should remove the door hardware, attempting to sand the door with the handles and fixtures left on the door will be very difficult. Removing these will help you to get a much better finish and also help you to complete the job quicker. There's also no need to worry about accidentally scratching or damaging the hardware while you are sanding.