Wood Fascia Repair: Mistakes to Avoid

Wood fascia may crack in some places, deteriorate and rot. Over time, it will age and need to be repaired. Here are a few of the most common repairing mistakes to avoid.

Preparing the wood

A common mistake is to start the repairing process without preparing the surface of the wood adequately. This will lead to untidy or unsatisfactory finishes. Take the time to analyze the wood and prepare it well. Make sure to remove all the rotted wood in the area, and sand it. Then, wipe with a damp rag.


Many people fail to understand that the wood will deteriorate mainly due to the effects of moisture. Check the level of moisture to see whether it is too high or too low. You can easily do this with a moisture meter. In either case, make sure to take the necessary corrective actions.

Extensive damage

If the damage is extensive, then it is not worthwhile to try to repair it. For example, if the damage is too deep, or is a large patch.

Using Epoxy Filler

Epoxy filler is ideal for repairing minor damages, however it needs to be applied appropriately. Some people tend to apply small amounts. Instead, it should be applied liberally, and then any excess can be wiped away.