Wood Fence vs Chain Link Fence

Though a wood fence may automatically be your first choice when the need to erect one arises, it is still useful to be aware of the pros and cons. Understanding the benefits and detriments to wood will make it easier to compare it to the chain link variety so that you can make an informed decision about which option to choose.


No matter what style of wooden fence you may be considering, it is likely to offer you better privacy than its chain link counterpart. Whether the fence comprises slim planks or large panels, they will be constructed in a manner which provides little or no gaps between the struts or panels. This can also serve to provide protection as small children and pets are less likely to be tempted to wander off as they cannot be distracted by what they cannot see.  


If you live in an area that frequently suffers from storms or high wind conditions, you will find that a wood fence will be negatively affected. The large surface area of a wooden fence gives the elements more chance to force the components out of place in a way that wouldn’t happen with a chain link fence.         


Though widely available, you will find that a wood fence is a little more costly than the chain link variety. Though the difference will not be a significant one if you opt for a basic wooden fence, this will change according to the type of wood, style and brand that you choose.   


By treating a wood fence from the outset, you will not need to undertake a significant amount of maintenance to keep it in good condition. It should be checked every few months where no blatant damage presents itself. Similarly, chain link fences will often require nothing more than the occasion removal of rust spots.  


Though chain link fences are often also fitted by using this method, they tend to be spaced out at a greater distance which produces a flimsier construction.    


If you have undertaken landscaping in your garden and are keen to continue your design by decorating the fence, a wooden variety will be the better option. Much like any other type of wood, paint, stain and/or varnish can be applied to create a design of your choice. A chain link fence will provide limited scope in relation to decoration, mainly giving you the option to hang things from it which can look untidy.


Opting for a wooden fence will give you a wide range of different colors, styles and sizes to choose from so that you can find a type to best suit your needs and your garden. You are likely to find that even the less costly varieties can be made to look stylish and in keeping with the rest of your garden. Chain link fences will usually only differ in terms of the size of the links and the heights they are available in.