Wood Furniture Finishes: Strip Finish or Revive Finish?

Putting finish on furniture can be a challenging process if you are unsure on what time of wood furniture finish to use. Stripping wood of its current finish can reveal a bright, healthy looking finish underneath.

Stripping Wood Finishes

Before stripping wood finishes you want to determine what type of finish it is. It could be shellac, lacquer, or varnish. If the finish is not too old your best option is to revive it. But if there are a lot of uneven stains and spots, you want to revive the finish altogether.

To strip a wood finish you will use lacquer thinner and denatured alcohol. This will determine what type of finish you have. Shellac finishes will liquefy when this mixture is applied on and a lacquer finish will come right off with the lacquer thinner.

Reviving a Wood Finish

You will want to revive a wood finish if you are satisfied with the appearance of the wood. Reviving the wood furniture will bring out the natural beauty of the wood color and highlight any pure wood features.

If you are unsure on what to do, you can visit a furniture store that specializes in wood staining or wood reviving. Remember you want your wood furniture to keep its natural wood color and texture.