Wood Garage Door Maintenance

A wood garage door will require much more maintenance than another material. Wood will break down over time if it is not properly cared for. There are many wood garage door maintenance tips you can use to preserve the wood and give your garage doors a new lease on life.

Stain and Varnish

You should religiously be applying layers of wood stain and wood varnish to your wood garage doors. The wood stain will preserve the natural look of the garage doors, which may have been the reason you opted for them in the first place. The wood varnish will provide a more professional finish and also leave a protective layer over the surface of the wood.

Cracks and Holes

Look carefully for cracks and holes in your wood garage doors. These need to be tended to straight away because they are letting moisture weaken the wood. Chip away any cracks and smooth out rough areas, as this will preserve the structural integrity of your wood garage doors.


Spray a high quality lubricant on any hinges, tracks and rollers on the garage door. These will be the only metallic parts and if they rust it will become very difficult to open and close the wood garage doors.