Wood Garage Doors vs Metal Garage Doors

They say wood garage doors add charm to one's home. But is it worth every penny? If you're considering changing your metal garage doors to wooden ones, you're probably thinking about the pros and cons of each kind. Let's weigh in the advantages and disadvantages of both types of garage doors below.

Wood Garage Doors

The advantages of wood garage doors are many. You'll find more wood garage doors in high-end neighborhoods and that's because they offer a more luxurious look. The grains and stain of wood garage doors add to the beauty of the facade of your home and make the garage a great focal point. Wood garage doors also offer better insulation.

Wood garage doors have some drawback as well. They are more expensive than the metal doors and require more maintenance. You'll have to sand and stain them probably every other year or when they begin to show wear. The joints in wood garage doors will gradually flex with use.

Metal Garage Doors

Metal garage doors are cheaper than wood and require considerably less maintenance. There's no need to sand, stain or repaint them. A  power washing will make them look new again.

On the downside metal garage doors don't have in the insulation properties of wood nor do simple or basic metal garage doors add aesthetic value to a house.

Considering the pros and cons mentioned above, wood garage doors are great if you want to add aesthetic value to your home and are prepared to deal with the regular maintenance. But if your garage door is at the side of the house, it will be more practical to go with a metal garage door. Since they are cheaper, you can choose one that comes with added insulation.