Wood Interior Sunroom Conservatory - Georgian Design

A Georgian sunroom conservatory design is considered to be the most luxurious of all sunrooms. Their design is best suited for similarly styled homes. This still leaves a great deal of flexibility, as traditional Georgian Conservatories may be built with wood or stone exteriors.

Interior Wood Construction

Using a natural wood interior gives the sunroom an inviting appeal. Interior walls may be lined with wood paneling, and trimmed at the top with wood crown molding. Baseboard for this style of construction is generally composed of at least two pieces, 1 by 4s placed flat against the wall, and topped with corner round to add more visual appeal.

Modern Conservatories

Most of the kits available for Georgian conservatory designs today use aluminum construction techniques. Instead of wooden supports and walls, fabricated aluminum is used. The result is more interior room, often at a lower cost. Erection of the room is much faster, and the reduced wall surface means far less interior decorating is required.

Georgian Conservatory Roof Designs

A Georgian conservatory design may include one of several types of roof. More expansive conservatories might feature a cathedral roof and high vaulted ceiling, while the more modern aluminum designs feature high slant roofs composed of long vertical panels.