Wood Panel Siding Installation: 2 Tips Wood Panel Siding Installation: 2 Tips

Wood panel siding is relatively simple to install compared to other types of siding, and it can be adapted to match many different styles. Wood siding is manufactured in several different patterns, which need to be installed by different methods. Becoming familiar with these patterns and the required tools for their installation will give you a better idea of which pattern is best for your siding installation project. You also should consider measures you can take to protect your investment from the elements.

Horizontal Vs. Vertical

Wood panel siding often comes attached to a layer of solid sheathing for structural integrity. Horizontal siding is nailed through the sheathing onto wall studs, while vertical sheathing is nailed to a layer of furring strips, which are strips of wood already attached to the exterior for this purpose. Consider the labor and costs that may be involved in both of these methods.

Sealing and Finishing

Many types of wood siding come with the option to coat the wood with a borate solution that will protect the wood from termites. This is done soon after installation and is recommended for areas where wood pests are common. Also consider the process of painting or staining your wood panel siding. Newer wood stains, though not all of them, come with a clear protective coating that is applied as a final coat; this is especially recommended for frequent harsh weather.  

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