Wood Preservative

You need to apply a coating of a wood preservative to all the wooden furniture in your home. Apart from its protective properties, a wood preservative also helps in bringing out the beauty of the natural wooden grain. This can make even an ordinary piece of furniture look classy.

By applying a wood preservative you can enhance the service life of your wooden furniture and storage cabinets.

Why Should you Apply a Wood Preservative?

An even coat of wood preservative seeps into the micro holes in the wood structure and prevents moisture from entering into the heart of the wood. This restricts the growth of fungus in the internal environment of your home. If you do not use a wood preservative, your precious furniture could be susceptible to attack from termites and from the changes in the weather conditions.

A wood preservative can be applied by either brushing or spraying it on the wooden surface. It is recommended that you apply two coats of wood preservative on any surface for best results.