Wood Siding: Stain Application Tips Wood Siding: Stain Application Tips

Wood siding stain can give your home's exterior siding a polished look if you apply it correctly. The appearance and longevity of wood stain depends on proper surface preparation and the proper application of the wood stain to your siding.

Prepare the Wood Surface

Your wood siding should be free of dirt, debris, mildew stains or decaying spots before you apply any stain. You can clean and prepare wood siding through sanding and/or using a power washer. Never stain any wood until it is completely dry; trapped moisture can cause the stain to lift and peel off.

Apply Recommended Stain Coats

Most wood stains require two to three coats, and some include a clear top coat that prevents fading from sunlight. Follow the manufacturer's directions and test all coats of stain on a sample piece of wood siding to give you an idea of the end result. Be sure to mix the wood siding stain thoroughly to ensure an even color application, and do not load up your brush with so much that it drips. Also do not apply wood siding stain in areas of direct sunlight or in temperatures hotter than 75 to 80 degrees F.

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