Wood Siding Termite Prevention: 9 Tips

You can take several steps for effective termite prevention in and around your home. If your siding is made of wood, you must take additional precautions because wood and other organic material can easily attract termites. Wood siding is long-lasting and very attractive, but it also needs special care and more maintenance than vinyl or brick.

1 – Keep the Wood Siding at Least 6 Inches above Ground

Wood siding must not come in contact with the ground. This provides easy access to the termites that may be present in the ground. Maintain a distance of 6 inches or more between the earth and wooden decks or siding.

2 – Never Stack Firewood or Mulch Against Wood Siding

If you store firewood, keep it a safe distance away from the wood siding or deck. It is preferable to store it in a shed at least a few feet away from the building. Mulch is also dangerous because termites like its moistness. Avoid laying very thick layers of mulch around plants and on the lawn to dissuade termites.

3 – Keep Moisture Away from Foundation

The ground around the foundation must slope away from it so that moisture and rain water stay away from the building. Moisture buildup is very attractive to termites, which are highly dependent on water for their existence.

4 – Perform Regular Checks

If the area you live in has termite problems, you must hire a reputed termite control company to perform regular checks on your property. Inspect the wood siding on an annual basis.

5 – Keep Foliage Trimmed Back

If you have plants and trees around your home, you must keep them trimmed back at all times. Creepers, climbing plants and tree branches must be kept in check and pruned at regular intervals so that they do not make contact with the wood siding.

6 – Check the Roof for Leaks and Cracks

Inspect your roof for signs of damage and moisture problems. Termites can gain entry to the house and the wood siding if there are openings on the roof.

7 – Ensure that Gutters and Downspouts are Free of Clogs

Gutters and downspouts must be clear of leaves and debris so that water flow is smooth and uninhibited. The water must be deposited a safe distance away from the foundation and the wood siding.

8 – Place Sand Barriers around the Foundation

Sand is a natural barrier that keeps termites away from your home. Create sand barriers around the foundation, deck and any gaps under stairs. Termites cannot tunnel through sand and will not be able to overcome the barrier.

9 – Apply Stain or Finish as Required

Maintain your wood siding in good condition. Avoid the use of pressure washers that can damage the wood and open up gaps for termites. Apply stains or finishes that will provide resistance to heat and moisture. Some protective finishes can also improve resistance against termites. Only apply protective finishes on dry wood siding.