Wood Soffit Installation: 3 Tips

When you are adding ventilation to your home, you should consider a soffit installation. Soffit vents are the ideal product to be fitted over wooden soffits, as they do not require a lot of extra work, and you can place the vents into small holes cut into the wood. When you are performing this kind of soffit installation, you should be aware of a few mistakes that you could make.

1. Add Enough Ventilation

When you are buying your soffits for installation, you need to remember that building codes oblige you to add a specific number of soffits into each space. So long as you add the right number of soffits for the legal requirements, you should have no problem. Obtain legal guidelines to understand how many soffits you require.

2. Make Cuts

When you are adding a ventilation system over your wood soffits, you need to make sure that you have enough ventilation. One of the ways in which you do this is through making small cuts into the soffit, or removing the middle of the soffit in order to get a proper air flow.

3. Use Suitable Nails

If you are nailing a wooden soffit, you will need to use suitable nails for the task. Home improvement stores stock nails and screws which are suitable for use with wooden beams.