Wood Soffit Repair Tips Wood Soffit Repair Tips

A wood soffit is a piece of wood which is fixed underneath another part of a building, like the eves of your roof. A lot of things can damage your soffits, such as water, insects and small animals.  But they aren't hard to repair. The following are a few tips to keep in mind during your soffit repair task.

Think of Segments

Soffits are usually installed as small segments, in order to make removal and replacement of them more easy. Don't waste the time to remove a section larger than you have to. If possible, simply cut out the damaged section, without removing the larger piece it's part of. Remember to make square or rectangular cuts, so as to make it easier to cut a new piece to fit in

Seal it up Tightly

Using a long lasting caulk (such as silicone) all around the edges of any piece you install. Insects make it their business to nest in (and cause damage to) your soffits, so don't make it easy for them. A side benefit to this, is that water can't get past caulk, either.

Match it up

Make sure you replace any wood with the same type and thickness, so as to keep a uniform appearance and expansion characteristics.



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