Wood Stain Remover

There are many different stains that home wood stain remover can be used to clean without much complication. Despite these solutions being easy to use and come by; care should be taken to maintain the finishing and the condition of the surfaces cleaned.

Types of Stains Removed With Wood Stain Remover

Some of the stains and their removal processes are listed below:

• Water marks and rings; Theses stains are always on the wax rather than the finish so to clean them cover the spot with any thick heat resistant blotters and iron or press with a warm iron box several times. Also you can rub the stain with white toothpaste, mayonnaise or salad oil gently, then wipe dry before waxing or polishing.
• White marks: rub with a cloth dipped in a cigarette ash mixture with lemon juice or salad oil, or a lighter fluid and then apply the finish.
• Milk or alcohol; rub the stain with one of the following, a liquid, wax, rottenstone or ammonia.
• Light cigarette burns; rub the stain with scratching sealing polish or rottenstone or linseed oil along the grain till it disappears.

The wood stain remover can work efficiently with other stains and there is no need to worry that your wooden surfaces are damaged forever.