Wood Stove Accessories You Must Have

Once you purchase and install a wood stove, you will soon find there are wood stove accessories that make ownership and use of a wood stove more pleasant and convenient.

You can browse the list below for a sampling of the most useful and enjoyable accessories.

Functional Wood Stove Accessories

  • Fans - Many wood stoves do not include fans. Other fans are too small or become less efficient over time. Consider replacing the fan in your wood stove with a new, high efficiency fan like the Ecofan original or Airplus. They work without electricity so they function even when the power goes off.
  • Stove Gloves - While you can use any kind of glove to load wood, clean, and maintain your stove, stove gloves made for the purpose are safer and more effective. They are extra long to protect the arm, and are made of heat resistant leather or suede. They are specially treated to maintain flexibility and safety at high heats.
  • Heat Re-claimers - These devices recapture heat that is flowing up the chimney and force it out into the room.
  • Thermometers- A good thermometer attaches to the stovepipe or stovetop to ensure that the stove is operating in the efficient range. It will alert you quickly to overheating or creosote buildup indicated by low temperatures.
  • Ash tools - An ash holder makes it easier to clean your wood stove, and allows you to make fewer trips to dump ashes. A good hearth tool set will ease the cleaning process as well, with a shovel and broom to dispose of ashes. Look for a compact set if you are tight on space, and a good stand will make it easier to store the tools.

Fun Wood Stove Accessories

  • Scent Stones - Clay or stone pieces made of absorbent material soak in scented oils. As they heat, the scent of the oil fills the house.
  • Cooking accessories - An old-fashioned popcorn popper is a great wood stove accessory, and so is a water kettle. Many people find they enjoy cooking on their wood stove, even if it is just for entertainment. Soapstone cook tops keep the heat moderated so you are able to cook. Cast iron cookware does work well on wood stoves to even out the heat.
  • Steamers and trivets - Many wood stove owners like to keep a steamer, or kettle with an open weave top, on a trivet on top of their stove. These steamers return humidity to the air and improve the air circulation in the house.
  • Decorative accessories - Stove pipe shams in iron and brass along with decorative flue stops add an aesthetic touch to an otherwise plain appliance.

Fuel Accessories

  • Log carriers - These come in fabric slings, a fabric "apron" that creates a sling in front while allowing the shoulders to bear the weight of the logs, and in a variety of small cart styles. Some kind of carrier is a necessity when it comes to wood stove accessories.
  • Firestarters - Fatwood and fatwood kindling baskets are a popular item for wood stove owners, as are long fireplace matches. Some prefer the butane-fueled gas matches, or fluid-filled fire starters.
  • Wood holders -  A steel frame or a basket inside near the fireplace is one of the wood stove accessories you'll find you can't do without.