Wood Stoves for Sale: What to Avoid Wood Stoves for Sale: What to Avoid

When looking at wood stoves for sale, there are certain things that you will want to keep in mind. From the moment you start looking, be aware of what you should avoid.

All Talk and No Action

Just because a salesperson can talk about woodstoves doesn't mean that they know what they are talking about. Avoid purchasing your wood stove from a salesperson or dealership that doesn't have a working model in their show room. You can't guarantee that they know as much about woodstoves as they claim.

More Expensive Doesn't Mean Better

Avoid the common mistake that if something is more expensive, then it is longer lasting and better made. Cast iron wood stoves are more attractive than their steel counter parts, and they cost more. But because of the way they are made, they need to be rebuilt every few years to reseal their joints, and this costs money. Stainless steel may not be as impressive looking, but it is more durable and less expensive.

EPA Certification

While all wood stoves release emissions, not all wood stoves for sale have EPA certification. Extremely cheap woodstoves are manufactured without being EPA certified. They do this by using a small loophole in the rules that state if it's leaky enough to burn a minimum of 11 pounds of wood an hour, then it doesn't need to be tested. These wood stoves are poorly made and leaky. Always inquire if a stove you are interested in has been EPA approved.

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