Wood Table Wood Table

A wood table is any table made entirely of wood. The wood table has been in existence for almost as long as civilization has been in existence. The wood table has been used mainly in the home, and the family table, or kitchen table for many centuries was always a wood table.

The Modern Wood Table

Today, the choices in picking a wood table for your home are nearly endless. Dining room tables are often the finest wood table in the home, made of hardwoods such as mahogany or dark oak, cherry, Birdseye maple, or other fancy decorative woods.

The wood table can also be a rough or home made table, such as in a wood workers shop. The wood table in a shop is often made of 2X4’s and planks, but serves the valuable surface of giving the worker a stable work area. The kitchen table is also often a wood table, and more traditional styles such as Mission, or country, or antique wood are increasingly popular for the modern kitchen or family table.

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