Wood vs Electric Fireplace: Which is More Efficient?

If you want a fireplace in your home, you may wonder about a wood vs. electric fireplace – which is more efficient?

Although there are many other considerations to make when choosing what type of fireplace to buy, efficiency is an important factor. Overall, wood fireplaces are more efficient, but don’t work for every living situation.

Cost Savings

As far as operational efficiency, your concern is not as much with the cost of the units as it is with running the stove to heat the home.

The initial cost of an electric fireplace heater can be as low as $200, while the least expensive wood stove is about $400, plus installation into a chimney. So initially, the electric is somewhat cheaper.
Price of Fuel

However, the electric fireplace is an additional drag on the standard heating bill in your home. It could increase your heating bill. On the other hand, if you use a wood stove, particularly if you are able to burn “found” wood from storms or gathered from the land, then you can actually heat a room or home for very little cost. It can decrease your heating bill.

If you have to buy all of your wood, it will be more costly. Prices vary, but a cord of hardwood is about $100, and will last most of a heating season for many people. This is much more efficient than an electric fireplace.