Wood vs Engineered Floor Joists Wood vs Engineered Floor Joists

While considering the flooring of your new home, you need to keep options such as engineered floor joists or wood flooring in mind.

Engineered type of flooring is less expensive compared to the wooden flooring. It also proves to be more environmentally friendly, because of the sub-surface layers are made from junk and not ornamental wood. Unlike solid wood flooring, engineered flooring can be installed in any type of room of your own choice, whether it is a living room or a basement.  It is also quite easy to install, compared to the wooden flooring and looks as beautiful as wooden flooring, but definitely at a better and cheaper price.

Engineered flooring helps in saving more trees, by utilizing junk in building their sub layers. While on the other hand, the wooden flooring wastes each tree of the desired ornamental wood, in order to build their sub surface layers. Conversely, the engineered flooring also helps in keeping your feet warm during the cold months, as it can be installed on top of the radiant floor heating.  In contrast, you will the engineered floorings proves to be less lasting compared to the wooden flooring, but it proves to be durable during its lifetime.

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