Wood vs Foam Window Cornice Boards

When it comes to installing window cornice boards, you could potentially choose between wood or foam. Both of these options are popular and have some benefits to offer. Here are a few things to consider about using wood or foam cornice boards for your windows.


One of the biggest differences between these materials is the cost. Real wood will be quite a bit more costly than foam. If you are on a limited budget, you could potentially purchase foam and save some money. Most people cannot tell the difference between the two just by looking. 


Something else to consider about the two types of cornice boards is the durability. When you have wood cornice boards, they will hold up to a great deal of wear and tear. If something bumps into the cornice boards, you do not have to worry about it denting as easily as you would with a foam piece. This allows you to get extra life out of your cornice boards and added functionality. If these are going to be installed in a high-traffic area in your home, you may want to consider going with wood just so that you know they will last as long as you need them to.