Wood vs Metal Screen Door Frames

installing screen in a wooden door frame

A great way to upgrade the exterior of your house while bringing fresh air and natural sunlight inside is to install a screen door frame. These frames are available in either wood or metal. They are equally functional, but differ in looks and maintenance.

Wood Doors

A wood screen door frame can be used to create a rustic look and feel for your home. Wood door frames require more maintenance than metal frames. If the screening is torn or damaged, you must pull out the tiny metal cleats that hold the screen in place. After fitting and stretching the new screening, these cleats must be replaced as well. Since wood screen doors do not stand up to harsh winter weather, they must be removed and stored during the winter months.

Metal Doors

Metal screen door frames lend a more modern look to a home's exterior and require less maintenance than their wood counterparts. The metal itself is easier to maintain and replacing damaged screening is easier as well. Furthermore, metal doors will hold up fine in winter weather, eliminating the annual storage ordeal.

Choosing the best screen door frame for your house will depend on the look you hope to achieve as well as the time you wish to invest in maintenance.