Wood vs Stone Pillars for Your Driveway

When deciding on the best type of pillar for your driveway, you will have to choose the material that works best for your home. Your choice will depend on your budget, the style and the look you want to achieve,and the environment and climate in which you live. Wood and stone can be both practical and decorative. 


Wood offers a natural look and is an easy material to work with, especially if you are building the pillars at home. The finish required to complete and protect a wood pillar structure is generally inexpensive and easy to apply. It does however, require a commitment to the time and financial resources needed to maintain its appearance and durability. Wood pillars located in harsh climates need to be constructed of wood material that is best suited for the weather in the area.


Stone adds an architectural flair to any structure. Stone can be built to any specifications and can also be used as an accent. It is available in an endless variety of textures and colors. Stone pillars can be built at home by the homeowner. Depending on the choice of stone, the cost of driveway pillars can range from inexpensive brick to a much more costly slate or granite.