Wooden Bunk Beds: Basics

There is an amazing amount of variation available for wooden bunk beds. You can have twin size wooden bunk beds, bunk beds with a built-in desk, with stairs or slides, or simply pick up some plans and build your own set of wooden bunk beds. Many times, wooden bunk beds are available as a kit that includes all the necessary hardware and a complete set of instruction along with the lumber. These kits are designed for novices, and will not presume that you are well-trained in construction. More experienced builder may even choose to build wooden bunk beds from scratch, adding any custom features they choose.

Kits vs Build-from-Scratch

Most wooden bunk beds are built using 2x6 lumber. In a kit the pieces are sanded, stained, and sealed at the factory, but building your own will entail doing quite a bit of woodworking before the actual bed building begins. Kits will not usually require the use of a circular or table saw, but building from scratch demands it. If you are able to find a kit that meets your needs, then building from scratch may be your best option.

Wood vs Metal
Metal bunk beds are a little cheaper than wooden ones, but they are a lot less sturdy. With wood, you also have the ability to replace parts that become worn or broken, where metal often requires replacing the entire bed, or seeking repairs from a professional craftsman. If durability is a concern, experts will tell you to go with a wooden bunk bed.