Wooden Shelving Construction Tips

Wooden shelving is a durable type of shelving that can be used in any room of the house. Everything from simple bookshelves to storing heavy items in the garage can be done with wooden shelves. Shelving made out of wood is also considerably cheaper than any other type of shelving units and can be built very easily.

Choose Better Wood

When you are building wooden shelving softwoods like pine, or fir, are not going to stand up to long term use, or heavy weights. Heavier, strong woods such as maple, and oak make great shelving. 3/4" plywood can also be used, however they will begin to sag over time.

Use Strong Joinery Techniques
Some bookshelves are slapped together very quickly and are held together with butt joints and finish nails. A stronger joinery technique would be to use half laps, biscuits, or pocket holes.

Secure Shelving with Dados

While adjustable wooden shelving is a great feature, knowing that the shelving unit is secure and will not fall is an even better feature. Dados cut into the side panels of the bookshelf make a great way to secure the wooden shelving by sliding them into the sides of the bookshelf.

The next time you build your own wooden shelving, follow these basic tips for long lasting, and safe, bookshelves.