Wooden Pull Toy

What You'll Need
Scroll Saw or Band Saw
Knot-free Board
1/8" Diameter Wooden Dowels, approx. 3" long
Brushes and Acrylic Paint and/or Wood Stain
Dremel 212 Drill Press Attachment

1. Cut simple animal pattern with scroll saw or bandsaw, including four "wheel" pieces. Sand all edges with the #407 sanding drum with #408 sanding band.

2. Etch details and design elements with #952 grinding stone and your preferred engraving or high speed cutters.

3. Use the Dremel #212 drill press and the #150 drill to drill holes into the animal legs to hold the dowel. Stain or paint the shapes and wheels.

4. Insert dowels and glue wheels to dowel ends, then tie a pull string around the "leg" or "neck" of your wooden animal.

Courtesy of Dremel Tools