Why Choose Hardwood Floors? Why Choose Hardwood Floors?

Wood has always been a popular choice for flooring. Until recently, the price of wood floors has often been out of reach of many consumers. But with rising popularity, manufacturers have developed products to meet a variety of budgets. Wood flooring offers many benefits, ranging from increased resale value to allergy prevention.

Why choose hardwood floors? Hardwood offers natural beauty and charm for years of enjoyment. There are dozens of species available, all with unique attributes to fit almost any design. There are a host of colors, grain textures, and profiles available. But where does one start?

The two deciding factors in choosing a floor are your budget and design style. Pricing can vary between products finished in the factory, unfinished, engineered, plank or parquet. These prices can range from $2 a square foot up to $10 for exotic woods. It is worthwhile to visit a local supplier and narrow down choices which fit into your budget. The second factor is the design of your home. You will need to take color, design, and function into account when choosing a hardwood. For example, installing an exotic hardwood in a high traffic area may mean increased maintenance over time. Develop a budget for your flooring and select materials which meet the design and function of your home.

What separates hardwood floors from other choices? Wood flooring does not harbor allergen-producing dust mites, fleas, or dust like carpet. Coupled with inherent longevity, wood floors can last for decades, whereas carpet may need replacing every five years. Maintaining wood floors has also become easy with the durability of today’s finishes. Maintenance usually consists of periodic cleaning - no more renting of carpet cleaners! Hardwood flooring is also economical when compared with other flooring choices. While hardwood may cost more initially than carpet, it lasts considerably longer and requires less maintenance. If you are looking for a long-term product with little maintenance, hardwood floors are for you!

The natural characteristics of wood add to the charm. Each plank will vary in grain and imperfections. It is important to remember that your floor will not look uniform, but this is what makes the floor unique. As time passes, the color of the floor can change - this is part of the natural aging process. To minimize the effects of sunlight, make sure the floor is finished with a UV reflective product. Windows with low-e coatings can also minimize the effects of sunlight. Care must also be taken when moving furniture. Install felt pads on the bottom of furniture legs to avoid scratching. If scratching becomes a problem, the floors can be sanded and refinished to look like new. The beauty of hardwood flooring is that it will change over time, and can be repaired if accidents occur.

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