Wood Picket Fence Wood Picket Fence

Practical functions

Picket fencing provides security, defines boundaries, protects property, establishes entryways, is the easiest to construct, and is the most American of all fencing designs.

Decorative functions

The versatility of wood picket fencing allows you many architectural styles which are influenced by the surroundings. It can be rustic or traditional, with decorative tops, patterns, curves and arches adding to the fence design.

Because it's wood, the picket fence can be finished with paint or stain, to add a more formal appearance to its surroundings. The fence can serve as a visual point of interest in a landscape or as an attractive background for plants. A traditional picket fence can even help control the climate in your yard by tempering blowing winds.

Your local area will determine which species of wood are readily available. The primary species or groups of wood used in picket fencing are listed below.

  • Western Red Cedar
  • Northern White Cedar
  • Whitewoods
  • Treated

Courtesy of Master Halco - www.fenceonline.com

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