Post and Rail Fence Systems Post and Rail Fence Systems

Practical functions

Post and Rail fence systems mark boundaries and can be used to direct traffic. The open design lets you economically fence the perimeters of large or small areas. In rural regions, this fence style is typically used for containing livestock.

Decorative functions

Post and Rail is a flexible and adaptable wood fencing system. It's a sensible choice when used for boundary markers,which designate property lines without obscuring the view. Cutting the rails in different lengths can accommodate tricky curves or changes in grade or terrain. Post and Rail fencing can appear rustic or formal depending on the style chosen. Either style can be used decoratively, and can be clean cut and painted if you prefer a very formal look.

Your local area will determine which species of wood are readily available. The primary species or groups of wood used in rail fencing are listed below.

  • Western Red Cedar
  • Northern White Cedar
  • Treated

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